Ten Years in the Making, Blue Lapis Light Celebrates ‘Gracefully’

Aerial dance company and Austin staple Blue Lapis Light celebrates more than their ten year anniversary and opening of a new studio this season- they’re also premiering their newest performance, Edge of Grace, this September. With so much to celebrate, it’s no wonder Austinites are turning their heads and clamoring for tickets to this new, edge, and high-flying production.

Blue Lapis Light takes over our blog in anticipation of a world premiere, a grand opening, and a helluva anniversary party.

Blue Lapis Light is celebrating our 10th anniversary this year. To celebrate this milestone we will be performing our production of Edge of Grace at our brand new studio space in South Austin on September 16-20 and September 24-27. Sunday September 20th we will be hosting our 10 year anniversary and studio grand opening gala.

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Over the past ten years, Blue Lapis Light has transformed urban landscapes into ephemeral works of art with site-specific dance performances that connect audiences to a sense of wonder. Our vision is to create transcendent works of beauty that offered without religious denomination, as prayers for the planet. Using aerial techniques informed by classical, interpretative and modern dance, Blue Lapis Light is committed to challenge physical limitations and inspiring our audiences with a sense of wonder.

Since 2008 we have offered aerial silks classes and sponsored visiting artists, inspiring students of all ages to reach new heights, develop strength and grace and give expression to their inner beauty. More recently, Blue Lapis Light’s Youth Taking Flight program has allowed children from regional foster care and guardianship organizations such as Lifeworks and the Austin Children’s Shelter to explore their life experiences and feelings through aerial dance.

Our commitment to challenging physical limitations led us to an ambitious goal of building our dream home in South Austin. The new Blue Lapis Light studio opened its doors on June 1st and will provide our community with a unique and inclusive space, tailored for the highest quality of aerial instruction and dance.

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Edge of Grace grand opening performance is inspired by how grace manifests in our lives. Grace is the quiet presence that opens us up to our humanity and compassion. The performance will be mounted on a sparse 48’ X 25’ construction scaffolding. Dancing within the confines of this urban structure juxtaposes beauty and fluidity with life’s limitations. This is a metaphor we enjoy exploring in site-specific works.

We invite you to help us celebrate our tenth anniversary by attending Edge of Grace on September 16-20 and September 24-27 starting at 8:30PM.

On behalf of all Blue Lapis Light’s dancers, students and audience members whose lives have been uplifted and transformed by aerial dance, thank you for your support.

Blue Lapis’ Light Edge of Grace premieres at their new dance studio (10331 Old Manchaca Rd. Austin, TX 78748) September 16-27. Tickets are on sale now and can be purchased here.

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