Ballet Folklorico de Mexico: On Sale Thursday, 07/09

Established over six decades ago, Ballet Folklorico de Mexico has represented Mexico in the most renowned stages. It has been able to reach great audiences –both Mexican and foreign- and returns to Austin September 13th.

The Ballet is constituted by a large team that gathers specialists from different fields: dancers, composers, singers, costume and set designers, musicians, among others. The quality and effort of this team has earned the Ballet a number of awards in Mexico and overseas.

In its capacity of artistic ambassador of Mexico, the Folkloric Ballet of Mexico has transmitted the Mexican ‘feel’ around the world. Since 1961, when the Ballet was awarded in Paris with the first prize of the Festival of Nations in the category of dance groups, it is difficult to determine precisely how many performances have taken place –both during tours and in our home theatre, the Palace of Fine Arts- and how many awards have been received.

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