Ten Years, 8 Albums, and One Powerhouse Sensation: Celtic Woman on Tour

If you go to Celtic Woman’s Wikipedia page, quite a few words stand out… “all-female,” “Irish,” and “50 million records” are just some phrases that may gain your attention. Those, however, aren’t the most important ones (90s band B*Witched shared most of those same adjectives…how’s that for a throwback?).

Try “Riverdance for the voice,” “ten years,” and “8 albums,” and you have the international performing sensation that is Celtic Woman.

Similar to the ever-popular One Direction, none of the bandmates knew each other when they first performed in 2004 (to a sold-out audience in Dublin, by the way). While the lineup of the band has changed a bit, the talent, stage presence, and worldwide fame has never wavered. Meant to be just that- a one-night special- fans have turned this “Riverdance for the voice” into an unprecedented international phenomenon.

Don’t let their Irish heritage fool you- Celtic Woman is known to perform everything from Broadway, to traditional Celtic tunes, to American chart-toppers and pretty much everything in between. Their musical influences? The Beach Boys, Michael Jackson, Beyonce, and Sinead O’Connor. Their musical style is described as an eclectic of Enya, Moya Brenna, and Clannad, which means your stereotypical Irish church choir these women are not.

From a sold-out PBS appearance in Dublin, to a standing ovation in Radio City Music Hall; when it comes down to it (or, after we’ve listed out nearly every musical style known to man), Celtic Woman doesn’t quite fit into any one niche… which is why it’s the perfect outing for anyone. Whether dancing in the aisles or enjoying from your seat (fair warning: they may come to you), Celtic Woman’s two night engagement in Austin is not anything you want to miss. Plus, they’re costumes are pretty fantastic, too.

Tickets for Celtic Woman are on sale now and can be purchased here.

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