Picking Up With Pollyanna This Summer

It is not exactly “news” that the arts in many schools have been pushed to the margins of the instruction day.  With more and more demands upon the teaching schedule to focus on subject matter that is tested and with less and less funding in the budget for arts experiences, public schools are sometimes feeling the squeeze that results in a deficit of time spent by children on the creative process.  Many educators and parents work very hard to fight against this squeeze with very limited positive results.  So arts partners in the community are becoming an important part of the arts education solution.  The Long Center’s Resident Companies have all stepped into the arts education conversation and continue to offer a wide variety of programs that provide children and teachers with meaningful and life-changing opportunities to learn about and experience the arts and art making.

The summer months have become prime arts education time.  With fewer hours in their day being dictated by academic demands, arts educators across the wide spectrum of art forms can dig deep with young children into learning through play, the essence of the arts.  One such effort is the collaborative summer camp being offered by Tapestry Dance Company and Pollyanna Theatre, two of The Rollins Studio Theatre Resident Companies.

Building upon the successes in their first collaboration last summer, the 2015 camp will find children ages five – eleven exploring the wild and wonderful world of imaginative movement and character development at DINO CAMP, June 29 – July 3.  The camp day will be split between dance, drama, and crafting that is all thematically linked to Pollyanna’s upcoming production of SARAH THE DINOSAUR by Andrew Perry and Kathleen Fletcher which will be presented on the Rollins stage July 11 – 19.  The leaders of Tapestry and Pollyanna are creating a program that gives children opportunities to find and develop their creative voice and culminates in students and their families coming to the Long Center to see the production.  Camp activities will give students the opportunity to learn about the conflicts and characters in the play and develop characters of their own.

SARAH THE DINOSAUR is the story of a very timid young girl named Sarah who is tired of being ignored.  Sarah, in her five-year-old wisdom, decides that no one could ever ignore a dinosaur at the breakfast table or in her kindergarten classroom, so a dinosaur must be the perfect thing to be.  After crafting her own special dinosaur costume from toys in her room and clothes from her parents’ closet, Sarah The Dinosaur begins to roar!  To Sarah’s surprise, the resulting attention is not all positive.  Ultimately, SARAH THE DINOSAUR is a new play about finding your own special voice and how to express it.  And ultimately, Tapestry Dance and Pollyanna Theatre’s summer camp is about the very same thing, providing children many ways during the summer to learn and grow through creativity.  What better way could there be to spend your summer?!  Come stomp and roar and dance and laugh with Tapestry and Pollyanna.

Tapestry Dance has a full line-up of camps available for children throughout the summer break and is offering discounted enrollment through the month of March.  Log on at http://www.tapestry.org/#!summer-camps/c215w for more information and to register today.  And don’t forget to roar!

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