Keep eyeGOing and Going and Going with eyeGO to the Arts

The eyeGO to the Arts program at the Long Center is dedicated to making the arts accessible and affordable for high school students.  Students have the opportunity to attend any participating show for merely $5. Caroline Graves, a junior at St. Andrews Episcopal School, has seen over 9 performances this season through eyeGO alone- and blogs about her experience.

CarolineGravesThe Long Center is an incredibly beautiful place. Before you enter the theatre, you are treated to a spectacular view of the Austin skyline, the various high buildings rising into the sky. Inside, an even greater experience awaits you- the prospect of a theatric experience.

In this modern age, you may be more inclined to go see a film rather than a live production; however, theatre has the chance to offer more than what a cinema can offer.  The entertainment is right there for you to experience, and you are immersed in the action in a way that a movie cannot imitate.

For high school students, this can all be experienced with just a $5 ticket. My name is Caroline Graves, and with the EyeGO program, I have been able to see shows ranging from the Blue Man Group to a rocking cello concert for a low fee. After every performance, I am always completely astounded by the action of the shows, their energetic dynamic, and the amazingness of the whole experience. A trip to the theatre can feel you energized for the rest of the week, and leave you happy and cheerful. That is why I enjoy the EyeGO program and I look forward to using it in the future.

eyeGO to the Arts is a partnership of the Long Center and Austin Independent School District. For more information, visit eyeGO to the Arts on the Long Center’s webpage.

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