Behind the Curtain: What It Takes to Put the Blue in Blue Man Group

It’s not easy being blue.  Blue Men have to play the drums, act and catch marshmallows all without making a sound! It’s not easy… but it is an experience.

The Blue Man Group has been around for over 2 decades. They perform in New York, Boston, Chicago, Las Vegas, Orlando and around the world. With all of these performances, dozens of Blue Men must be trained every year. Which begs the question- how do you become a Blue Man?

All Blue Men must be between 5’10’’ and 6 feet tall. It’s important that Blue Men are all approximately the same height and build so that you can’t distinguish between them.  If you meet these physical requirements, then you are ready to audition to become a Blue Man.

A key part of being a Blue Man is being able to communicate without speaking. Blue Man candidates begin the audition process by participating in group nonverbal storytelling exercises. If you do well, the next step is none other than The Drum Audition!

In the drum audition you are tested on your musicality and ability to pick up drumming patterns. If you are not a drummer you don’t need to worry. Casting directors are looking for someone with good listening skills and able to effectively portray a character while drumming.

After this audition you may be called back for another session to work on more nonverbal group exercises before final decisions are made.

You’ve made it through all of the auditions. Now you can relax, right? Not Yet! All Blue Men must go through 8-9 weeks of training. Training is best described as taking a graduate course in creating the Blue Man character. Blue Men must work on drumming, becoming their characters, painting and catching marshmallows in their mouths.

After learning about the hard work that goes into being a Blue Man, we definitely are even more for their show. Be sure to get your tickets to see these hardworking Blue Men in action!


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