Join Canadian Brass, The World’s Most Famous Brass Group (Yes You Read That Right!) January 28

Known as “the world’s most famous brass group,” the 30-year old musical ensemble CANADIAN BRASS is headed to Dell Hall.

With 132 musical releases, 7000 live appearances (7001 now, we’d assume), and over 60,000 online followers, it’s safe to say this isn’t your average musical performance. The sweet-sounding, symphonic quintet plays the Long Center January 28th.

For those of you saying “Who? What? Canada? Why?…” give us a chance to impress you.  Originally formed back in 1970 (trading the boogie for the brass), Canadian Brass instantly connected with audiences through their talent, yes, but also their exciting stage presence and spontaneous rapport (see YouTube video below for proof of this). They don’t just put on a concert- they put on a show.

132 albums- even with a timeline of nearly 40 years- is pretty impressive. Not to mention, with 2 million albums sold (1.2 million alone since 1991), they’ve pooped up on the Billboard chart more than Bruce Springsteen, the Beatles, Katy Perry, and Lady Gaga combined (not that you’ll miss ‘em- Canadian Brass plays some of their songs, too).

Their reach doesn’t stop at the airwaves. Having played on The Tonight Show, Today, and Entertainment Tonight (not to mention Sesame Street), Canadian Brass even took a stab at Hollywood, appearing on the album for the 1988 film The Couch Trip, starring comedians Dan Aykroud and Walter Mattau.

Brass quintets not your thing? Funny story- to categorize Canadian Brass, musically, is a challenge. With a repertoire ranging from Baroque, to Christmas carols, to jazz, ragtime, and beloved Broadway showtunes, it’s a safe bet there is something for everybody. Take everything you think you know about chamber music and think again. You can thank us later.

Currently touring the country, and playing Dell Hall, include founder Chuck Daellenbach, Christopher Coletti, Caleb Hudson, Achilles Liarmakopoulos, and Bernhard Scully. And not only are they insanely talented, but they clean up pretty nice, too.

Canadian Brass plays the Long Center for one night only on January 28th. Tickets are still available and can be purchased here.

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