The Ten Commandment’s of Sister’s Christmas Catechism: Your New Witty, Wacky, and Wonderful Holiday Tradition

You may think you know the story of the Nativity (especially this time of year)… but you would be wrong. But don’t worry! Good ol’ Sister is coming back to the Long Center to set the story straight once and for all. Last year Sister brought her no-nunsense attitude and hilarious hijinks to the Long Center in Late Night Catechism. Just in case you missed her class, we’ll bring you up to speed:

Now she’s back and ready to tackle the mystery that has stumped historians for ages: Whatever happened to the Magi’s Gold? Before she brings her wisdom and wackiness to Rollins, you might want to familiarize yourself with the 10 commandments. No, Not those commandment—The 10 commandments of Sister’s Christmas Catechism Class:

  1. Be kind to each other. Everyone paid tuition for our class (Tuition, ticket…same thing. Just go with it.).
  2. No Chewing Gum.
  3. Nobody likes a snitch. Keep your opinions to yourself.
  4. No throwing spitballs. Sister’s aim is better than yours.
  5. You should speak only when spoken to. No yelling out (But laughing is okay. We think.).
  6. No short skirts or immoral clothing (It’s winter, anyways.).
  7. Turn off all cell phones, pagers, or other electronic devices.
  8. Do not touch Sister’s Desk. It’s a sin.
  9. Use the wastebasket; clean up your trash.
  10. Give money to our retirement fund for nuns.

Sister has been making audiences laugh since her inception in 1993 by Vicki Quade and Maripat Donovan.  The show has performed across the United States and internationally, bringing new meaning (and definitely more humor) to the traditional catechism. The best part? It’s philanthropic! As of 2009, they had collected more than 3 million dollars.

Start a hilarious new holiday tradition and make your Christmas contribution all in the same evening! You’re welcome. Sister’s Christmas Catechism is the perfect outing for the holiday season. Come prepared to laugh your sins off.  And make sure you get here on time! Sister does not tolerate latecomers.

Tickets for Sister’s Christmas Catechism: Mystery of the Magi’s Gold are available here. The show runs Friday, December 26 thru Saturday, December 27th, and is suitable for children 12 years of age or older.

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