Towering Over the Rest (Literally!), Jeanne Robertson Brings Cackles and Charisma to Dell Hall

Beauty pageants can be funny. Whether Toddlers and Tiaras come to mind, or Miss South Carolina’s blunder of an answer back in 2007, it’s no secret that Miss America can sometimes cause some (unintentional, yet) monstrous laughs. Enter Jeanne Robertson- the Southern belle turned knee-slapping comedienne (with an impressive resume, if we do say so) ready to rock the Long Center November 14th.

After being crowned 1963’s Miss North Carolina, 19-year-old (at a towering 6’2’’) Jeanne was named Miss Congeniality at the 1963 Miss America pageant, a small but significant award that would lead to her becoming one of the funniest, busiest, and most popular speakers in America today. Jeanne received her degree from Auburn University, and went on to teach PE and college at the high school level for nearly a decade. The public, however, wanted Jeanne back on the road and speaking- and the mild mannered comedienne was one to give the people what they want. So, in 1976 she hit the road and began professionally speaking full time.

Nearly 40 decades later, 1963’s Miss Congeniality certainly lives up to her name. With a stack of awards including the Auburn University’s Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2000, 2003 Miss North Carolina Woman of Achievement Award, the 2012 National Speakers Association Master of Influence Award, seven DVDs and CDs, three published books, and her own Sirius XM show, Jeanne shows no signs of slowing down.

This is not your grandma’s comedy act- but we guarantee she’ll love it just the same! And don’t just take our word for it! Declared “a rising comedy star at age 68” and an ‘expert in humor” by the press, it’s no wonder her favorite motto is, “The Meetin’ ain’t over ‘til the tall lady speaks.”

Bring the whole family! Get your tickets to the funniest act in Austin when Jeanne Robertson brings her Southern charm and sidesplitting laughs to the Long Center. Tickets available here.

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