Beyond the Headlines: A 360-Degree Geopolitical Tour of the World

In a 360-degree tour, Bhalla, Stratfor‘s Vice President of Global Analysis, will unpack the world in less than 60 minutes, providing you with a geopolitical framework to understand and prepare for what lies ahead.  Learn how to filter out the noise of the mainstream media and regain perspective on the underlying forces behind major global trends:

  • We are in a new energy paradigm with the price of oil dropping— and staying— below the $100 mark.  That means all the more pressure on Iran to reach a deal with the United States ahead of the Nov. 24 nuclear deadline, an intense debate within the Kremlin over Russia’s future, a Venezuela teetering on the edge with precious little room to maneuver and much more.
  • The United States is not going to get drawn into another ground war in Iraq.  At the same time, the regional powers are not ready to shoulder the burden of managing this threat. By the end of Bhalla’s presentation, you’ll understand exactly why and how the US-led “Operation Inherent Resolve” will be stretched in every direction, making the mission to destroy Islamic State an unattainable goal.

It’ll be a rousing mid-term Election Day dialogue.  Nonpartisan, and guaranteed to stretch your mind.

Reva Bhalla has been featured in numerous newspapers and broadcasts, including Bloomberg, CNN, The Associated Press, NPR, Time magazine, Al Jazeera English, FOX News, Haaretz, The New York Times, The Hindustan Times, Agencia Estado, Xinhua, Veja and Business Week.  Ms. Bhalla is a prominent speaker, regularly addressing organizations around the world, from large financial institutions to agricultural and real estate investment groups.  She has delivered executive briefings to investors, business leaders and the U.S. defense and intelligence community and has been published in numerous foreign affairs journals, including The Journal of International Security Affairs.  Ms. Bhalla has a master’s degree from the Security Studies Program of the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., and a Bachelor’s degree in political science from the University of Texas.

Ms. Bhalla’s November 4 lecture and discussion lunch in the Long Center’s Kodosky Donor Lounge, including time for you to personally engage with the expert via Q & A, is presented by Much Ado About . . . Academy, Austin’s own educational non-profit inspired by Shakespeare’s observation that “it’s the mind that makes the body rich.”  For more information and to reserve your place, visit the Academy’s official website.

Challenge yourself to dig into these stories and be a part of the global conversation November 4 when Reva Bhalla comes to the Long Center to share up-to-the-minute intelligence on geopolitical crises.

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