Travel to the Land of the T-Rex in ‘Dinosaur Train LIVE!’ March 23rd at the Long Center

We’re a few decades away from inventing the time machine, but if you’d like a little preview of the next big invention, then hop onboard Jim Henson’s Dinosaur Train Live! The prehistoric age’s favorite T-Rex is riding right into the Long Center on March 23.

Puppeteer Jim Henson brought joy to children to the television with the worldwide phenomenon of Sesame Street. Henson and the Jim Henson Company are best known for The Muppets, who are still making move theatre appearances, currently starring in Muppet’s Most Wanted.

But pack your bags from Sesame Street and take a vacation back in time to Jim Henson’s world of prehistoric jungles and dinosaur life as you hop onboard the whimsical Dinosaur Train. An adopted kid in a mix-species family, Buddy the Tyrannosaurus Rex has a lot to learn about different dinosaurs, and makes a train stop at your television so you can hop onboard and learn, too.

If active volcanoes, vast oceans, dozens of dinosaur species, and prehistoric animals seem exciting on a small screen, nothing can compare to when Buddy’s Dinosaur Train roars onto the Long Center stage for Dinosaur Train Live!Buddy’s Big Adventure. Yup, you heard us right- Dell Hall is Buddy’s very next stop!

Buddy has a pretty big imagination, but now he’s physically too big to fit in his nest. With his family in tow, he travels across the Mesozoic to visit King Cyrolophasaurus, who can hopefully help him out. The King is giving a big concert in town, yet is nowhere to be found. Not one to turn down an adventure, Buddy enlists his family to help find the King and find out just why he’s hiding, and invites the Long Center to hop onboard and join in his adventure, too!

Friends Buddy, King, Tiny and more bring the small screen adventures to the Long Center stage in an afternoon of fun for the entire family.  This interactive musical story created just for the stage brings the audience into the action, and will have you back in the Mesozoic Era as you climb onboard the Dinosaur Train in an adventure larger than life.

The second show by the Jim Henson Company to use CGI animation, Dinosaur Train brings Jim Henson’s genuine joy of learning to a new generation. Already into its third season, the PBS show combines music, animation, and education in a ride you won’t soon forget. Whether you’re a fan of the late Jim Henson, nostalgic for the classic Sesame Street or looking for a day of family fun, come along and hop onboard.

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