Jillian Michaels Achieved Her Goals and Will Help You Reach Yours- April 6 at the Long Center!

Jillian Michaels knows how live life to the MAX, and she’s bringing her secrets of success right to Dell Hall. Reach your potential when she brings her tough love and life tools to the Long Center in her MAXIMIZE YOUR LIFE tour April 6

You probably know Jillian Michaels as the tough love, in-shape, and memorable coach from the television hit, The Biggest Loser. But TV’s toughest trainer wasn’t always as fit as she is now. In fact, at one point, Michaels could have qualified as a contestant on the very same weight-loss show.

Jillian’s weight gain began when she was only 12 years old after her parents divorce. By the time she was in eighth grade, Jillian was 5’2″ and weighed a startling 175 pounds.

“I was sitting at lunch and got surrounded by a bunch of kids who let me have it about how ugly I was—my unibrow, the size of my nose, the fat rolling over my jeans. It was pure hell. My mom had to pull me out and put me in another school.”

Through martial arts classes, Jillian started her weight loss journey while learning the  important lessons about health and confidence she would later teach others nationwide.

But the adversity didn’t stop there. At 17-years-old, Jillian’s mother kicked her out of the house. A homeless teenager, Jillian had to learned to face the world on her own, and soon enrolled at California State University. Without the support of her parents, Jillian supported herself by bar-tending at night.

Jillian found her calling soon after graduation when she became what we all know her as today; a kick ass, no nonsense, inspirational personal trainer, and opened her own gym by the age of 28. In 2005 Jillian would become a household name and inspiration to millions of television viewers through the weight-loss reality competition, The Biggest Loser.

Television is a mere building block in Jillian’s fitness empire. With five books, has 14 workout DVDs, and a number of fitness video games, Jillian is now empowering people to reach their full potential from nearly every medium available, including the Long Center stage.

Jillian’s “Maximize Your Life” Tour inspires all audiences to reach their full potential and life the best life possible, both physically and emotionally. Get the encouragement and drive you see every week on television from your seat in Dell Hall, and walk away feeling empowered and ready to take on the world and live life to the MAX.

Don’t miss out on your chance to see Jillian LIVE and in person at the Long Center in her MAXIMIZE YOUR LIFE tour April 6!

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