Not Your Grandmother’s Sunday School Class! Late Nite Catechism Brings Hilarious NUNsense to the Long Center, March 21st-23rd!

Why confess your sins when you can simply laugh them away? Do just that with the hilarious Sister Mary Ignacious in Late Nite Catechism, only at the Long Center March 21st- 23rd!

We know of flying nuns and singing nuns (here’s looking you at, Sally and Whoopi and Julie), but the Long Center is about to get a visit from the Late Nite Nun. Now, don’t go running for your Sunday best and holy book and prepare for that Sunday sermon just yet, because this is anything but your grandmother’s Sunday School class. Meet Sister Mary Ignatius, your instructor (and comedienne) for your newest (and we’re willing to bet, most memorable) catechism class. The catch? No wooden rulers, we promise.

Whether you attend mass every Sunday morning, or the only Mary you believe in is a Bloody one, you won’t want to miss the one catechism class that’s sure to have you doubled over in laughter. From a hilarious and relatable trip down a memory lane filled with meatless Fridays and school uniforms, to the not-so-traditional proof that nuns can be funny.

St. Bruno’s Catechism class: where only some of the audience is actually Catholic, but all of the audience is cracking up.

Enticed yet? Ready to take a load off and get your laugh on? Keep reading.

If you came here looking for that Sunday sermon, here’s your mini one (what we like to refer to as the background information). Back in the biblical time of 1993, in the holy land of Chicago, Illinois, authors Vicki Quade and Maripat Donovan create the now long-running solo comedy play about fictitious Catholic nun, Sister Mary Ignatius. The show had been performed both in Chicago and New York City, and Sister Mary has had audience members “laughing their sins off” for almost fifteen very funny years.

So, ready to add Late Nite nuns to your list of beloved Catholics? Then check out some Catholic comedy and pray you can get your hands on some seats, March 21st-23rd right here at the Long Center!

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