Soundtrack Series

Soundtrack Series will speak the Language of Music on the weekends of June 7 and July 5 at the Long Center

Programming manager Karen Jantsch talks about the acclaimed Soundtrack Series, coming to the Long Center the weekends of June 7 and July 6.

Music was my first language. I can look back on my life and hear a tapestry of melodies, lyrics & chord progressions marking moments and milestones, charting out my journey; so I suppose it fitting that I’ve ended up in one of America’s most musical cities. It never fails to delight me standing outside on a warm Summer night, listening to this town speak in sound.

An agent friend in New York had been talking about this storytelling series he’d been frequenting at the Gallery at Le Poisson Rouge for months. When I made plans to travel to New York for an exhibit at Lincoln Center that happened to coincide with the last week of the month, I knew I wasn’t going to make it out of the city without experiencing it first-hand.

Le Poisson Rouge, the club where the Soundtrack Series began in New York City

Le Poisson Rouge, the club where the Soundtrack Series began in New York City

Sountrack Series is a storytelling show where each tale is told through its connection to a particular song. That night at LPR, I heard people I didn’t know tell stories about moments in their lives, places in time that they visit whenever that one song comes on the radio or shuffles in on their ipod. That person they loved who broke their heart, that moment they thought they couldn’t, that time they triumphed against all odds. They were speaking my language and I was sold.

So tonight is another first at the Long Center, the premiere of Sountrack Series Austin. Dana Rossi, the creator of the Soundtrack Series is on a plane headed South to us as we speak to get this party started right, along with David Crabb, a native of  San Antonio & author of Bad Kid at the Show.

Perhaps the thing I’m most excited about in launching Sountrack Series in Austin is that I get to hear people I know and love tell stories about their songs, their moments. I am constantly amazed at how lucky we are to have such a vast network of talented and amazing people in this town. Michelle Mirsky, Adam Sultan, Bob Khosravi, Hank Schwemmer, and Mike Henry are all people I’m honored to call friends, and I can’t wait to share their stories about songs with you.

So please join us tonight, in the Rollins Theater at 8 PM (or tomorrow night at 7 or 10) for the first time, and who knows? Maybe one of these songs will become your story.

Karen Jantsch, Programming Manager

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