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Social Rides Are The New Thing…Long Center Home to One of the Best!

The social ride is a growing trend among just about every demo you can think of: from single young hipsters to suburban families. These miniature, mobile communities provide calorie-burning, sightseeing, social interaction for anyone on two wheels. One of the largest and most colorful rides in Austin is the weekly Queer Ride. During the Fall and Winter months, the L’s G’s B’s & T’s (and anyone else who wants to join) gather on the Long Center City Terrace and launch into the city. Founding member and spiritual cheerleader JohnMark Robbins talks about his experience. 

queer_ride__group_photo_long_centerWho knew that Wednesday nights in Austin, Texas would become one of my favorite nights of the week? QUEER RIDE has officially taken over my weekly routine. Bikes, bois, gurls, queers, straights, no hate, sweat, fun and adventure have a lot in common.

It starts from the moment I walk out my door, checking my tires for air, lights on my bike and plenty of water in my bottle. Also it’s nice to have a full phone battery because I like taking video and pictures of all the fun we experience during a 10-15 mile bike route through the greatest city in the world.

During most months we meet on the Long Center City Terrace, during the Summer months we meet at the capitol. I like to get there 45 minutes early so I can see the ride completely unfold. Each the time a new bike rider arrives, there’s a piece from a missing puzzle found in the community who I know will help shape the night’s fun.

QUEER RIDE has helped me grow and helped me be of service to my community: from staying back when a rider has a flat or mechanical issue with a bike, to riding with the pack and motivating a first timer’s legs to pedal, pedal, pedal! We’ve hit many great destinations…things like the North Austin Mueller Development; Cheer Up Charlie’s and beyond on the East Side; West Side hot spots like Mozarts and Lake Austin for late night swimming; as well as Barton Springs, Zilker Park and trailer food in South Austin. Each week is an adventure created by man (way to go Zach & Brett!) but manifested by our community. QUEER RIDE has impacted my life and relationships in so many ways, and at its heart it is just pure Austin.

Get a bike and come on the QUEER RIDE, you need a QUEER RIDE in yo life!

JohnMark Robbins

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