The Long Center is turning 5! Celebrate with us!

Austin is a fun-loving city. We love to have a good time. We love music, we love food, and we love parties. Austin really needs no excuse to party like crazy, but— let’s be real— an excuse is never a bad idea! And this week, the Long Center is giving Austin some fantastic reasons to come party with us.

This week is Purple Party 5, the Long Center’s fifth anniversary birthday bash with special guest Kristin Chenoweth in town to help us celebrate. The Long Center has been an Austin icon now for half a decade, and we are more excited than ever to share this milestone with our Austin community. Five years of serving the community as Austin’s Creative Home deserves an awesome party, right?

Let’s take a look back over the last year and check out some fantastic reasons we are celebrating and you should be celebrating with us:

1)      We Have A New Look!

The Long Center has gotten a complete makeover! On April 2nd, 2013, the Long Center launched our new website and unveiled our new brand and logo! In order to keep up with Austin’s edge-factor, we figured it was time to update our logo and completely revamp our website to better suit the needs of the community as Austin’s Creative Home™. Our new site is bilingual, and the Long Center is proud to be out front in the Austin arts community in terms of bilingual outreach online. Another cool thing about the site: it’s ‘responsive.’ That means the site automatically adjusts itself to the device YOU are using to acces our content. So, whether you’re visiting from a desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phone, we’ve got you covered!


2)      The Good Neighbor Arts Education Project,  our new formal alliance with Pollyanna Theatre Company

How lucky are we to have Pollyanna Theatre Company as a Long Center Resident Company? New in this current 2012-2013 season, we’ve entered into a strategic alliance with Pollyanna to provide ongoing arts education services to elementary schools located within a three mile radius of the Long Center. Three schools are included in this first year of the project: Becker Elementary, Dawson Elementary, and Baty Elementary. The Pollyanna Theatre Company is committed to working alongside educators to inspire, motivate, and teach children of all ages, and the Long Center is so excited to partner with them in this endeavor!

Image from Cyan, I can be the dog.

3)      Amplify Austin

We love that we are a part of such a generous community. Austin’s first ever 24-hour community-wide giving fundraiser inspired by I Live Here, I Give Here raised nearly $2.8 million for over 300 local non-profit organizations, one of which was the Long Center. We were so pleased to host the kick-off event for this awesome event that inspired Austin to give back so generously to our community.


4)      We are helping Austin be Austin

Since our birth in 2008, the Long Center continues to grow as an Austin icon. This year was no exception. 2013 is the first year that we took part as a venue for the interactive, film, AND music  portions of the SXSW Festival.  The Long Center also hosted the Trailer Food Terrace on our City Terrace for hungry South-by’ers to regain their energy. Being a place where Austinites and guests to our city can convene is one of the things we love most about the Long Center’s past five years!


5)      Trailer Food Tuesdays, All Summer Long and More!

TFT, Bubblepalooza, and Rhythm on Stage are back! We already had one Trailer Food Tuesday that attracted nearly 1500 people. We also provide the stage and the backdrop for the Austin Symphony Orchestra’s free Symphony in the Park series every summer. More free community events are being held at the Long Center than ever, and we are so excited to be a part of what keeps Austin weird on a daily basis.


This year, All Summer Long includes ALL of our summer programming, and tickets are on sale now for some of our most exciting shows, including Whoopi Goldberg, Dixie’s Tupperware Party, Spank! The 50 Shades Parody, and more to be announced!


6)      Happy Birthday To Us!

After five years of Purple Parties, the Long Center knows how to throw quite the birthday bash. With a VIP Dinner on the City Terrace, a performance in Dell Hall by headliner Kristin Chenoweth, and an After Party also on the City Terrace with live music by local icon Matt Wilson, this will be the party of all Purple Parties!

Chenoweth 2012

So, come party with us this week, put on some purple, check out our new website, and let’s celebrate the Long Center being Austin’s Creative Home™ for its fifth year running!


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