Music runs in the family with The Five Browns

Four of the five Brown siblings wait in the green room at KUT’s studios before their on-air interview with Eklektikos host John Aielli.

Two of the most important lessons to learn in life seem to be to do what you love and to put family first. The Five Browns can check the boxes for both.

We sat with the group in the Green Room at KUT studios this morning before their interview with Eklektikos host John Aielli. They talked about everything from the program tonight (Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring to Saint Saen’s Dance Macabre to Star Wars) to what they wish Juilliard would have taught them (the practical stuff, like how to build a website, instead of just how to practice more hours than you sleep), from music theory love/hate to how if they had known that the Austin City Limits Festival were this weekend, they would have found an excuse to stay an extra few days. When music majors get together, they generally lapse into shop talk within about thirty seconds. Being musician siblings seems to shave even a few more seconds off that average time.

What they didn’t really say was just how great it was to be able to work and tour and perform with the family they grew up with: all five brothers and sisters on the road and stage together, sometimes even all five playing at once. But they didn’t have to – you could tell.

The world is full of mixed messages: family over everything, but take care of yourself first. Don’t sacrifice your dreams, but you better be practical. Do what you love, but be realistic even if that means doing something else. It’s enough to give just about everyone a pretty confused sense of priorities.

The Brown siblings somehow lucked out. I’m sure that they’ve all made plenty of sacrifices in their lives, but they get to do what they love, to play music for a living with the people they love the most. There’s a special joy to that.

They don’t have to say it – you can tell.

– Nick Curry, Development Intern
The Long Center

The Five Browns will be at the Long Center on October 11. Click here for more information and tickets.

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