Welcome to ‘long story short!’


When my colleagues and I decided the Long Center needed a blog, we wanted to make sure we created something exciting, interesting and just as vibrant as our staff and programming. We want to use our blog to celebrate the wonderful Long Center experiences and memories fellow Austinites and our staff have had here, as well as give the community a greater sense of who we are, what we do and the family of phenomenal staff members who work here.

Like Austin itself, our staff is a diverse combination of native Austinites, transplants (like myself), singles, moms & dads…but most of all we are a team who live and thrive on the arts that we celebrate here at the Long Center each and every day.

We invite you to read the engaging commentaries and insights into running a world-class performing arts center, the personal experiences of being involved in and around multicultural events and performing arts, the behind-the scenes thoughts, feelings and perspectives that are a true celebration of what it’s like to be a part of our Long Center family.

In LONG STORY SHORT, you will learn about this spectacular, iconic, green, state-of-the-art, acoustically-built building. You’ll learn about the people who work behind its walls and you’ll learn about the world itself, as we strive to bring programs from around the world to the Austin community.

Always remember, our home is your home. And we welcome you to our family.

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